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The R.E.A.D. Quiz

To take the quiz, simply circle one answer in each of the 10 questions. There are four possible answers per question. While none of the suggestions may exactly match your thinking, please force yourself to choose the response closest to your personality and behavior. You must circle only one number in each of the 10 items to get an accurate score; you also must answer all 10 questions.

  Question 1: When reading a formal letter from someone with whom you have a pleasant telephone-only relationship, you would prefer to be addressed by:
  1. Courtesy title such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.

  2. Nickname

  3. Academic degree such as “Dr.”

  4. First name

  Question 2: As a reader, you would describe yourself as:
  1. Very aware of politeness and courtesy

  2. Appreciative of witty writing

  3. Interested in evidence supporting arguments

  4. Want writers to cut to the chase

  Question 3: If you received a 300-page report on a topic on which you were expecting 30 pages, your immediate reaction might be:
  1. I’ll take this report home and read it over the weekend.

  2. I don’t have time to read this now, but I will right before the meeting.

  3. I’m really impressed by depth of this report.

  4. There had better be an executive summary.

  Question 4: A money-related term you relate well to is:
  1. Financial security

  2. Cash

  3. Monetary compensation

  4. Bottom line

  Question 5: To you, the value of colorful pie charts and bar graphics in business documents is:
  1. Increased understanding of complex issues

  2. Graphic relief in boring documents

  3. Helpful if scientifically sound

  4. Easy to grasp, especially on profit and loss issues

  Question 6: Your resume contains action verbs most similar to which of the following lists:
  1. Encouraged, supported, facilitated

  2. Motivated, sold, negotiated

  3. Correlated, analyzed, studied

  4. Drove, raised, won

  Question 7: When given a writing assignment at work, your first act would mostly likely be to:
  1. Gather resources and information.

  2. Talk about the assignment with co-workers.

  3. Outline or diagram the writing task.

  4. Get started and get it over.

  Question 8: Thinking back to the best business communications class you ever had, the best word to describe your experience would be:
  1. Inspired and motivated

  2. Entertained and intrigued

  3. Interested in techniques and standards

  4. Impatient to finish

  Question 9: You think many business meetings and presentations you have to attend are:
  1. Filled with too much conflict

  2. A bit boring and slow moving

  3. Too brief to cover topics in depth

  4. Overly focused on achieving consensus

  Question 10: In your personal life, you enjoy reading:
  1. Historical fiction

  2. Humor books

  3. Scientific reports

  4. Autobiographies of business leaders



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