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Part IV: Adapt Additional Sales Techniqu... > Offer a Pilot Program or Trial Perio...

Chapter 25. Offer a Pilot Program or Trial Period

Readers feel heartened when you acknowledge in your writing that new programs may have kinks that need to be worked out. And you will be more persuasive if your readers know that accepting your proposal will not lock them in forever. They also will appreciate hearing that they will have an opportunity to provide feedback and ideas to improve the product, process, or service.

Build in an exit clause or opportunity to re-evaluate the commitment after a certain time period. Make the decision seem irrevocable.
Start with a pilot program designed to work out unforeseen problems. Set up a program without opportunity for feedback or revisions.
“Let’s kick off the new diversity initiative by doing some pilot training of supervisors on the production floor. That way, we can work out any problems before rolling out the program to the entire corporation.” “Let’s sign up all 1,000 employees for this new diversity initiative right away.”
Offer a trial period if readers are reluctant to commit long term. Tell readers they have to make the full commitment or nothing.
“I’m happy to work on a trial contract basis for three months. Then, if you’re happy with my work, I would like to become a regular employee.” “I can’t take this job unless you can offer me a long-term contract.”



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