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Chapter 3. What Do You Know about Listen... > Fifty Good Reasons to become a Bette...

Fifty Good Reasons to become a Better Listener

  1. To learn something

  2. To be entertained

  3. To understand a situation

  4. To get information

  5. To be respectful

  6. To be responsible

  7. To prevent accidents

  8. To be a team player

  9. To ask intelligent questions

  10. To improve confidence

  11. To protect freedom

  12. To find out people’s needs

  13. To negotiate effectively

  14. To be valued and trusted

  15. To use money wisely

  16. To be more efficient and productive

  17. To evaluate accurately

  18. To make comparisons

  19. To share in your children’s lives

  20. To analyze the speaker’s purpose

  21. To be liked by others

  22. To get the best value

  23. To improve self-discipline

  24. To build relationships

  25. To solve problems

  26. To show compassion

  27. To satisfy curiosity

  28. To be safe

  29. To be a good lover

  30. To make intelligent decisions

  31. To prevent waste

  32. To make money

  33. To avoid embarrassment

  34. To stay out of trouble

  35. To save time

  36. To be an informed consumer

  37. To be a supportive friend

  38. To give an appropriate response

  39. To enjoy the sounds of nature

  40. To create “win-win” situations

  41. To control distractions

  42. To increase concentration

  43. To improve your vocabulary

  44. To stay healthy

  45. To be prepared for shifts in a conversation

  46. To be a better family member

  47. To settle disagreements

  48. To maintain a flexible attitude

  49. To improve your personality

  50. To use the gift of hearing



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