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Part V: APPENDIX > Test Your Word Usage

Test Your Word Usage

Mistakes in word usage distract readers from your intended message. Test your skill by circling the correct word usage for each of these sentences.

1: Joan never (wavers/waivers) when making a decision.
A: wavers
2: He bought her a 10-(carrot/karat/caret/carat) diamond.
A: carat
3: The argument is between Vicki and (he/him).
A: him
4: His tie (complements/compliments) his suit and shirt nicely.
A: complements
5: The (capitol/capital) of Florida is Tallahassee.
A: capital
6: Neither Jack nor I (are/am) going to the conference.
A: am
7: The company is divided into three (discrete/discreet) branches.
A: discrete
8: I asked (everyone/every one) in my office to the party, and (everyone/ every one) of them came.
A: everyone/every one
9: (Who/Whom) shall I say is calling?
A: Who
10: He called to find out if I (were/was) available for a meeting.
A: was
11: Each of the reports (contain/contains) several errors.
A: contains
12: The policy will take (effect/affect) next week but will (effect/affect) only part-time employees.
A: effect/affect
13: His speech (invoked/evoked) cheers from the audience.
A: evoked
14: A magazine published twice a month is a (semi-monthly/bi-monthly).
A: semi-monthly
15: The report is not ready today(,/;) however (,/;) we’ll send it out tomorrow.
A: ; however,
16: In his speech, John (inferred/implied) he would run for office.
A: implied
17: If I (would have known/had known) his number, I would have called him.
A: had known
18: My neighbor (continually/continuously) borrows things from me.
A: continually
19: He was (appraised/apprised) of the accident this morning.
A: apprised
20: I need to speak to (whoever/whomever) is in charge of the project.
A: whoever



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