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Chapter 7. Cellular Phones > Proper cell phone etiquette

Proper cell phone etiquette

The following are guidelines for cell phone use. Remember, most of these apply to use of car phones as well, since most people now use a single device for both locations:

When you make a cell phone call, always notify the first person you speak with that you are on a cell phone. This lets the called party know that if the connection should be lost (and it often is), you have not hung up on them. This is polite, but it also has the added effect of making your call more urgent and often speeds the connection to the called party.

Please, never use a cell phone at a table in a restaurant. If you must have your phone with you, explain to the caller that you are in a restaurant, then take the call away to a place that is less disruptive, or, better, offer to call the person back. No one wants to hear your conversation—it is uncomfortable for those at your table and an annoyance for the other diners. You only need to turn the phone back on should you need it for an emergency, or if you need to make a call to the office to remind them of something.

If you are in a meeting or at a conference, always turn your cell phone off. There is almost nothing ruder that getting—and taking—a call in the middle of an important presentation or conversation.

Make sure you have a back-up message service or voicemail for when you get disconnected, your battery gets low, or you need to turn your phone off. That way people will not be frustrated because they cannot reach you.

When in public, avoid loud or animated conversations. Avoid extended calls.



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