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Chapter 23. Value-Adding Letters > A Sampler of Value-Adding Letters

A Sampler of Value-Adding Letters


Alex Coughlin

52 Orchard Ridge Road

Bridgeport, CT 06601

(203) 576–0138

Mr. Maurice Wilson, Sales Manager

Premium Soccer Lines, Ltd.

6642 Lincoln Boulevard

New York, NY 10010

July 14, 199X

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am writing to you on the referral of Peter Strauss. In a recent conversation, he suggested it could be valuable to meet with you for your advice on developing a career in sales of soccer products, and to explore the possibility of a contributing role at Premium Soccer Lines.

I appreciate that you may not have an opening currently, nor know of one elsewhere. I would, however, find it valuable to talk with you for whatever perspective you may be able to give me on developing employment in this line of work.

Soccer is a real passion for me, and I am extremely interested in focusing my career activities in this industry. I am very much at home in soccer circles, and believe that peak performance comes from doing what you most enjoy.

After years of playing a key role in a successful family business, I’m ready to move on to a career situation that really capitalizes on my own major enthusiasms—and that brings me to your door. For your review, I’m enclosing a copy of my resume.

I look forward to an opportunity to talk with you in the near future, and will call you early next week to see if we could arrange a time to meet.


Direct Approach to Hiring Manager

Frank Morrison

165 Hyacinth Circle

Lake Forest, IL 60045

(708) 234–0216

Mr. Vincent Rakowski

Director of Engineering

Kramer Construction, Ltd.

987 Johnson Rd.

Chicago, IL 60605

March 4, 199X

Dear Mr. Rakowski,

I read with interest your recent article in the IEEE journal on Engineering Management Strategies in the New Workplace. My own experience in technical support roles echoes many of the points you made about adaptivity, the need for continual learning, and interdisciplinary work teams.

I am writing to explore the possibility of employment on current or prospective projects under your direction. My sixteen years of experience in all aspects of piping construction equip me to take on significant responsibilities and deliver results reliably, quickly and with a high level of skill.

In a career of domestic and international project assignments with multinational client companies, I have developed seasoned judgment in installing piping in every major industrial application. I am able to work under conditions of heavy time pressure, and am skilled in the communications a successful project requires, both with engineering staff and with the piping and welding crews.

I am enclosing my resume for your review. I welcome the opportunity for a personal interview to discuss a match between your staffing needs and my qualifications.

I will call you next week to check with you on your availability to discuss pending projects I could support.




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