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Chapter 27. Master Index

1 MURPHY, JOSEPH Field Sales Chron.
2 FOURNIER, LEE Corporate Banking Chron.
3 LEHR, LESLIE Financial Analyst Chron.
4 WILSON, VICTOR Engineering Services/Telecommunications Chron.
5 CAPLAN, CATHERINE Human Services/Long-Term Facilities Chron.
6 JORDAN, BRADLEY Health Care Financial Services Chron.
7 NOLAN, DAVID Human Resources Management Chron.
8 LANGLEY, CHESTER Operations Management Funct.
9 DELAHANTEE, ROY Production Supervision: Assembly or Repair Funct.
10 CONRAD, STEVEN Inspection Monitor/Quality Assurance Funct.
11 D’ORLANDO, JAMES Management: Purchasing and Materials Control Funct.
12 OLSON, FRANK Piping Supervisor/Large-Scale Construction Funct.
13 LEWIS, MARJORY RN Charge Nurse: Long-Term Facility Funct.
14 KERRIGAN, ALANA Occupational Health Nurse Funct.
15 STUART, GENE Accounting Services Funct.
16 ULLMAN, TERI Marketing Professional Funct.
17 HEALY, ANDI Marketing Services Funct.
18 MANCINI, BONNIE Elder Services Chron.
19 CONCANNON, ANNA Corporate Day Care Services Chron.
20 TAEGER, AVA Customer Service Chron.
21 KEEGAN, KEVIN Broadcast Media Chron.
22 KIRN, BERNARD Portfolio Management—Securities Chron.
23 RESTON, TONY Field Sales/Golf Products Funct.
24 THAYER, KIRK Sales Representative/Nutritional Products Funct.
25 MALDEN, MELANIE Sales/Marketing: Computers Funct.
26 KALE, CAROLINE Marketing Internship Funct.
27 KELLIHER, HELEN Entry Level Position/Advertising Funct.
28 JANNELL, VALERIE Financial Planning Internship Funct.
29 REILLY, SHEILA Staff Accountant/CPA Firm Funct.
30 KENNEDY, DELIA Risk Management Services Funct.
31 HOLLAND, DENNIS Telecommunications Management Consulting Funct.
32 JARDIN, DEREK Administrative Management Funct.
33 PARADI, DENISE Paralegal Support Services Funct.
34 FLEMING, DIANE Human Resources/Employment Services Funct.

35 CORBETT, MOLLY Travel and Tourism Marketing Support Funct.
36 CORBETT, MOLLY Writer/Editor: Corporate Communications Funct.
37 HANIFY, JESSE Secondary School Teaching/Grades 7–12 Funct.
38 HANIFY, JESSE Product Support/Customer Service Funct.
39 BUCKLEY, JOAN Technical Training/HR Software Packages Chron.
40 BUCKLEY, JOAN Employment Counselor Funct.
41 PETRAS, SONNY Management Position/Admissions and Records Chron.
42 PETRAS, SONNY Auditing Position/CPA Firm Funct.
43 STERLING, RITA Data Processing Information Center Funct.
44 STERLING, RITA Entry-Level Computer Programming Funct.



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