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Verb Suffixes > Exercise #10 for Practice - Pg. 48

Suffixes 48 Verb Suffixes Verbs express action or existence. They are defined by their endings, and by the role they play in a sentence. Here are some verb suffixes. There are not as many verb suffixes as noun or adjective suffixes. Verb Suffix 1. -ate 2. -en 3. -ify 4. -ize Meaning act in that way cause to become make into, form cause to become Examples appreciate, facilitate weaken, sharpen, redden qualify, verify, signify symbolize, itemize, criticize Exercise #10 for Practice Words into Verbs Can you add a suffix and turn these words into verbs? You will have to change the spelling in two of the words in order to add a suffix. Write your answers in the blank spaces below. Check your answers at the end of the section. 1.1. origin ________________________________ originate; 1.2. fantasy ________________________________ fantasize; 1.3. wide ________________________________