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Synonyms and Anonyms > Exercise #14 for Practice - Pg. 30

Finding Gold in the Dictionary 30 Exercise #13 for Practice Look up the following words in your dictionary and write the etymology for each word in the space provided. Check your answers at the end of the section. Example: angel [ME, fr. OF angele, fr. LL angelus, fr. Gr. angelos, literally messenger] 1.1. eye __________________________ eye [bef. 900; ME eie, ie, OE ege, var. of e age; c. OS oga, OHG ouga, ON auga Go augo; akin to L oculus, Gk ops, Skt, aski]; 1.2. manual __________________________ manual [1400­50; late ME (<MF) < L manualis (adj.), manuale (n.) (something that can be held in the hand = manu(s) hand + alis, ale ] 1.3. million __________________________ million [1350-1400; ME millione = mille thousand (<L) + -one aug. suffix] 1.4. apple __________________________ apple [bef. 900; ME; OE aeppel, C. OFris appel, OS apl, appul, OHG apful, Crimean Go apel ] 1.5. water __________________________ water [bef. 900; ME; OE waeter, c. OS watar, OHG wazzar, akin to ON vain, Go wato, Hittite waiter, Gk hydor] Synonyms and Anonyms Synonyms are words that mean nearly the same as the entry word. For example, possible synonyms for the verb steal could be take, rob, snatch, filch, pilfer, embezzle. Synonyms are usually found at