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Precision Pays > Exercise #4 for Practice - Pg. 101

Odd Words 101 Exercise #2 for Practice Perhaps someone is not really funny, but comical, amusing, artistic, entertaining, clever, jolly, play- ful, joyful or outrageous. Which of these adjectives meaning the same as funny can be used to describe the people in the following list? Check your answers at the end of the section. 1.1. Bob Hope ___________________________ entertaining; 1.2. a circus clown ___________________________ comical; 1.3. a puppy ___________________________ playful; 1.4. a magician ___________________________ clever; 1.5. a child at Christmas ___________________________ joyful; 1.6. Santa Claus ___________________________ jolly; 1.7. a practical joker ___________________________ outrageous Exercise #3 for Practice