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Practicing Idioms > Exercise #2 for Practice - Pg. 91

Idioms 91 Exercise #2 for Practice 1.1. The extra money was a big surprise. It came ____ out of the blue; 1.2. These numbers might win the lottery. ________ Keep your fingers crossed; 1.3. Dong Chou saved a large ___________ to buy a house someday. nest egg; 1.4. A flu epidemic hit our office staff and everyone is __________. under the weather; 1.5. ___________, you can substitute overhead transparencies for handouts. in a pinch; 1.6. The bid on the project was so close that the sales team was ___________ until they heard the results. on pins and needles; 1.7. Maria was __________ when she heard about her promotion. in seventh heaven; 1.8. Our manager is ___________, as he inherited $500,000 from his father's estate. well-heeled; 1.9. If we all ___________, we can finish by noon. pitch in; 1.10. During a recession you have to ___________ and watch your budget carefully. tighten your belt; 1.11. Franz always tries to finish his work before everyone else. He is an eager beaver; 1.12. We chose the prettiest, best behaved puppy. She was certainly the cream of the crop; 1.13. If Madge doesn't _, she could lose her job. shape up; 1.14. Our new office was very expensive. It cost ___________. an arm and a leg; 1.15. The IRS audit was extremely thorough. They actually owe us money, which is ___________. one for the books; 1.16. Don't ___________ and pay the bill before it is due. jump the gun; 1.17. Isabelle finally had to ___________ her co-workers' accusations. face up to; 1.18. In today's economy, both husband and wife must ___________ in order to meet their financial obligations. bring home the bacon; 1.19. When our manager says we have to complete the report by Friday, "or else," I think she ___________. means business; 1.20. Sigmund's donation to charity was ___________ compared to what was needed.