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Part VII. Odd Words, Puzzles and Games > Chapter 44. Developing a Personal Acti... - Pg. 111

111 Chapter 44. Developing a Personal Action Plan A definition of accountability is "responsibility for one's actions." We all have good intentions. The thing that separates those who are successful from those who are not is how well these good intentions are carried out. A voluntary action plan can convert your good intentions into actions. The PERSONAL ACTION PLAN on the next page is a good starting point if you are serious about improving your vocabulary skills. You can act on your action plan any time you are reading, speaking, or listening (which is most of the time). Personal Action Plan Think about the information you have read in this book. Review the exercises. What did you learn about building a good vocabulary? What did you learn about your vocabulary skills? How can you improve your word power? Make a commitment to improving your vocabulary in your business and personal life. Design a personal action plan to help you reach your goal. The following guide will help you clarify your goals and outline actions to achieve them. 1. My current vocabulary skills are effective in the following areas: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ I need to improve my vocabulary skills in the following areas: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ I will implement an action plan for vocabulary improvement in the following manner: A. My goals for building my vocabulary (be specific): ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ B. ______________________________________________________ My plan for reaching my goals: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ C. ______________________________________________________ My timetable: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2. 3.