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Part VII. Odd Words, Puzzles and Games > Chapter 41. Neowords - Pg. 106

106 Chapter 41. Neowords Our language grows and changes whether we approve or not. Some neowords (new words) are elegant; some are uninhibited by good taste. New words are responses to our demands for ex- pression. As such, they reflect our society's changes and attitudes. When words are useful they remain in the language, and when they outlive their usefulness they disappear. As Harry Homa told his high school English class in the Bronx, "Some words fly, and some words die." Listed below are twelve new words and definitions that have come into the English language in the past ten years. These words are new enough that they may not be encoded in your word processor's spelling checker. For other neo words, see an up-to-date dictionary. Arablish, Frenglish, Spanglish, Japanglish-- noun and adjective Arabic, French, Spanish, or Japa- nese laced with English. These are portmanteau words showing the global mixing of modern lan- guages. biochip-- noun Another portmanteau word combining bio, meaning "life," and chip, as in "silicon chip." It means a computer chip that relies on organic materials or proteins and enzymes to send