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Part VI. Idioms, Slang and Other Mutants > Chapter 35. Jargon - Pg. 93

93 Chapter 35. Jargon Jargon, also called shoptalk, is the specialized vocabulary within a profession. Workers in various occupations use words familiar to themselves but meaningless to anyone else. Jargon has value because it unites people in their professions by allowing them to share a common vocabulary. It creates a feeling of uniqueness and provides a sense of protection from the outside world. New- comers must "break the code" and learn the jargon before they are accepted into the group. Fol- lowing are examples of jargon from different professions. Jargon Law lien \leen\ perjury deposition embezzle larceny property held as security against debt lying under oath testimony taken down in writing under oath to steal money entrusted to your care theft Translation