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Part VI. Idioms, Slang and Other Mutants > Chapter 30. A Different Kind of Gram... - Pg. 84

84 Chapter 30. A Different Kind of Grammar Even if you hated grammar in school--or learned to say that you did--you will like this chapter. First, you will see how Standard English fits into our language. It is the cornerstone of American speech and worthy of our attention. However, you will discover that grammar rules and standard speech go only so far, then our language becomes quite unscientific. Ah, your suspicions are confirmed. For all of its claims of correctness, English is not very consistent. It is full of idioms, jargon, and slang-- words that defy the rules and make sense only to those who use them. These " renegade" phrases make the language at once artistic, lovable and confusing. Idioms, jargon and slang are universally accepted and greatly affect our speaking and writing vocabularies. If you want to build your vocabulary and understand English at its deepest level, become familiar with the information in this chapter. Your reward will be a tighter grasp of your speaking and writing style. You will develop a keener ability to make the right choice about what to say and how to say it. Use what you learn here. Ask, read, imitate and practice. Your goal is to have something to say, and to learn to say it well.