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Part V. Building a Strong Vocabulary > Chapter 28. Fifth Group: 41. Ruse--50. Z... - Pg. 76

76 Chapter 28. Fifth Group: 41. Ruse--50. Zenith 41. ruse (rooz) noun [Old French ruse, a trick; from Latin recusare, to refuse] Definition A trick or strategy to confuse or mislead. The secretaries used the ruse of a problem in the lab to get their manager out of the office while they planned her surprise birthday party. The Trojan Horse was a ruse used by the Greeks to capture Troy. Synonyms: ploy, plan, gimmick, scheme, bluff, dirty trick 42. salient (SAY lee unt); (SAYL yunt) adjective [Latin saliens, salientis, jumping; from salire, to jump] Definition Prominent or conspicuous; standing out from the rest. Elvira erupted angrily and made a few salient remarks to the receptionist as she left the office. Lucas liked the salient angles of the new office complex in the architect's drawings. Synonyms: outstanding, noticeable, striking, pronounced