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Part V. Building a Strong Vocabulary > Chapter 26. Third Group: 21. Docile--30.... - Pg. 66

66 Chapter 26. Third Group: 21. Docile--30. Inherent 21. docile (DOS ul) adjective [Latin docilis, easily taught; from docere, to teach] Definition Easy to manage; easily taught; obedient. Baby raccoons appear docile at first, but later they may be impossible to control. Brent's employees were so docile that he was fooled into thinking they did not have minds of their own. Synonyms: passive, latent, inert, torpid, submissive, willing Antonyms: willful, strong minded, headstrong, perverse, stubborn 22. eminent (EM uh nunt) adjective [Latin eminens, eminentis, standing out; from ex, out+ minere, to project] Definition a. High in rank; renowned; exalted. The audience applauded wildly as the eminent musician completed a perfect piano recitation of a Mozart