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Part V. Building a Strong Vocabulary > Chapter 25. Second Group: 11. Boycott--2... - Pg. 61

61 Chapter 25. Second Group: 11. Boycott--20. Discourse 11. boycott (BOI kot) noun and verb [After Charles C.Boycott, a land agent in County Mayo, Ireland, who was put under a ban by his neighbors during the Land League agitation in Ireland in 1880 for refusing to lower rents on the lands he managed.] Definition (verb) Joining together to refuse to buy (or) use something or deal with someone as a form of protest. Protestors plan to boycott foreign products to voice their disapproval of unfair trade laws. (noun) The instance of such practice. During the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, both blacks and whites used boycotts to protest the evils of segregation. Synonyms (verbs): ban, ostracize, blacklist, exclude, object, protest; (nouns): ban, embargo, strike Antonyms (verbs): patronize, fraternize with, support, sanction, endorse, approve 12. cajole (kuh JOHL) verb [French cajoler, to coax]