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Part V. Building a Strong Vocabulary > Chapter 24. First Group: 1. Abject--10. ... - Pg. 56

56 Chapter 24. First Group: 1. Abject--10. Benign 1. abject (AB jekt) adjective [Latin abjectus, from abjicere, to throw away; from ab, away, + jacere, to throw] Definition a.Utterly miserable, wretched, or cast down. Thomas made an abject apology because he was ashamed of acting so badly. b. Mean, worthless, low-down, or contemptible. Only an abject coward would turn his back on a helpless victim in distress. c. Complete, submissive, unrelieved, or servile. June ran from the room screaming in abject terror at the sight of a large spider. Synonyms: pitiful, base, meek, scummy, squalid 2. adverse (ad VURS, AD vurs) adjective [Latin ad, against, + vertere, to turn]