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Part V. Building a Strong Vocabulary > Chapter 23. Word List Pre-Quiz - Pg. 52

52 Chapter 23. Word List Pre-Quiz The following vocabulary quiz contains the fifty words in this section. Circle the letter that provides the closest definition to the vocabulary word in bold type. Check your answers at the end of the quiz. When you complete the quiz you will know which words to work on, so begin with the first word you missed and go from there. Put stars next to those you answered correctly. Soon you will have enough stars to start your own galaxy. 23-1. abject (a) agreeable (b) hateful (c) miserable (d) wealthy 1. c, 23-1. adverse (a) unfavorable (b) opposite (c) poetic (d) supportive 2. a, 23-1. aggregate (a) clumsy (b) nerdy (c) informed (d) collective 3.