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Chapter 27. Fourth Group: 31. Irony--40.... > Chapter 27. Fourth Group: 31. Irony-... - Pg. 72

Fourth Group: 31. Irony--40. Rescind The defendant was convicted of bribery because later testimony revealed that she had perjured herself on the witness stand. Suzannah told the truth as tactfully as she could without actually perjuring herself. 72 Synonyms: swear falsely, prevaricate, lie, tell a whopper 36. premise (PREM is) noun and verb [Latin prae, ahead + mittere, to send] Definition (noun) An assumption; the basis for a conclusion. Ziggy's department planned its yearly budget on the 37. premise that sales would remain constant. (verb) To take as the basis for a conclusion. Professor Raven premised his conclusion on the assumption that all human beings are created unequal. Note: When used as a plural, premises also means a tract of land, including its buildings. "The building in- spector condemned the premises because the walls were unsafe."' Synonyms (nouns): antecedent, proposition, axiom, thesis, hypothesis; (verbs): preface, introduce, predicate, presuppose 37. prolific (proh LIF ik) adjective [Latin proles, offspring+ facere, to make] Definition Highly productive; fruitful or fertile. Beatrix was such a prolific writer that she finished three novels in one year. The new equipment produced computer parts at a prolific rate. Synonyms: profuse, effusive, gushing, teeming, productive, abundant Antonyms: unproductive, sterile, barren, fruitless, empty 38. quell (kwel) verb [Old English cwellan, to kill]