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Chapter 26. Third Group: 21. Docile--30.... > Chapter 26. Third Group: 21. Docile-... - Pg. 67

Third Group: 21. Docile--30. Inherent [Origin unknown; possibly from Swedish flankt, from flanka, to wave about; or from Norwegian flanta, to gad about] 67 Definition To show off in a conspicuous or offensive way. Some lottery winners cannot handle sudden wealth, and they flaunt their money with outrageous displays of expensive purchases. "If you've got it, flaunt it." Synonyms: wave, display, parade, exhibit, draw attention to Antonyms: hide, conceal, deemphasize, cover up, down-play, cool it 26. foible (FOI bul) noun [Old French, feble, weak] Definition A minor character flaw; a quirk in personality. The founder of the company has so many foibles that the board of directors asked him not to visit the head- quarters building because he was upsetting the employees. Maggie's foibles included an obsession with germs. Synonyms: frailty, defect, shortcoming, oddity Antonyms: strength, forte, strong suit, talent 27. gullible (GUL uh bul) adjective [English gull, to dupe + ible ] Definition Easily deceived or cheated; naive. Joey was always gullible to the tricks played on him by his office mates. "Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware)" is good advice for gullible shoppers. Synonyms: artless, inexperienced, green, a soft touch, a sitting duck Antonyms: skeptical, incredulous, doubtful, wary, cautious 28. heinous (HAY nus) adjective Definition Utterly wicked or vile. [Old French haineus, hateful; from hair, to hate] The army officer's act of treason was so heinous that the court recommended the death sentence. Rape and murder are considered heinous crimes. Synonyms: base, gross, odious, unforgivable, evil Antonyms: commendable, admirable, honorable 29. impasse (IM pass) noun [French impasse, dead end; from in, not + passer, pass] Definition A position from which there is no escape; a dead end. The union negotiations reached an impasse at 2 A.M. and a strike was called. When Mathilda reached an impasse with her boss, she requested a transfer to another department. Synonyms: standstill, deadlock, blind alley, point of no return, a bind 30. inherent (in HARE unt) adjective [Latin inhaerens, inhaerentis, sticking in; from in, in, + haerere, to stick] Definition Existing in someone or something as a natural quality or attribute. Noel possesses the inherent quality of kindness, and he treats everyone with gentleness and respect. An inherent belief in oneself is what causes most people to start their own businesses. Synonyms: instinctive, intrinsic, implicit, internal, inner, built-in, organic, innate Antonyms: extrinsic, external, outside, foreign, alien Are your vocabulary muscles expanding? You are more than half-way through the vocabulary list. Keep up the good work!