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Chapter 25. Second Group: 11. Boycott--2... > Chapter 25. Second Group: 11. Boycot... - Pg. 62

Second Group: 11. Boycott--20. Discourse Antonyms: temporary, occasional, incidental, infrequent 62 15. cogent (KOH junt) adjective [Latin cogens, cogentis, driving together; from co, a form of cum, together + agere, to drive] Definition Powerfully convincing and believable; to the point. Yesterday's newspaper contained a cogent argument for nationalizing health insurance. Gwendolyn provided a cogent description of the reorganization plan. Synonyms: powerful, potent, skillful, valid, telling, persuasive, apropos Antonyms: weak, ineffective, inane, invalid, irrelevant 16. condone (kun DOHN) verb [Latin condonare, to give up; from con, a form of cum, completely + donare, to give] Definition To overlook; to permit to happen; to pardon an offense, thereby implying forgiveness or possibly approval. The manager seemed to condone Frederick's continual lateness, as he simply ignored it. Beatrix felt she could no longer condone her husband's drinking. Synonyms: ignore, accept, stomach, put up with, tolerate, be broadminded about Antonyms: condemn, disapprove, decry, revile, protest, denounce 17. copious (KOH pee us) adjective [Latin copiosus, plentiful, from copia, abundance] Definition Large in number; full; abundant; plentiful. Geraldo took copious notes during the board meeting. Granny gives copious advice about everything from canning plums to raising teenagers. Synonyms: ample, bountiful, profuse, numerous, lavish Antonyms: meager, barren, scanty, scarce, sparse