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Part III. Digging the Dictionary > Chapter 15. How to Use a Thesaurus - Pg. 33

33 Chapter 15. How to Use a Thesaurus Before using a thesaurus, you should read the directions. As with anything new, you will use it more effectively and enjoy it more if you receive proper instructions. So begin with the introduction or preface at the front of the book. It provides important guidelines and tells you what the book will do for you. Next, read the section entitled "How to Use This Book." Then jump in and explore, search, investigate and examine your thesaurus. Here is a quiz to see how you are progressing. Use a thesaurus that lists its entry words in alphabetical order. (It's easier.) Check your answers at the end of the quiz. 15-1. In what specific writing situation can a thesaurus be most helpful? 1. __________________________________________________ 15-1. How is a thesaurus different from a dictionary? 2. __________________________________________________ 15-1. List five different types of documents under the category of record (noun). 3.