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Part III. Digging the Dictionary > Chapter 14. A Thesaurus by any other Name - Pg. 32

32 Chapter 14. A Thesaurus by any other Name Another helpful reference book is a thesaurus (pronounced ). It is an entire book of synonyms. Beautiful, attractive, lovely and pleasing are examples of synonyms. The word thesau- rus comes from the Greek word thesauros, meaning "treasure." Writers find a thesaurus especially useful when they are looking for a word to express an exact shade of meaning. For example, Webster's New World Thesaurus provides 55 synonyms for genuine, including real, true, actual, proved, tested, good and so forth. Although a thesaurus is a useful tool, inexperienced writers sometimes abuse it by looking up big words to make their writing sound important. Like this: Neophytes mistreat synonym lexicons by surveying sesquipedalian terminology to amplify the weightiness of their compositions. Many versions of thesauri are available. Here are a few suggestions, but you should explore the options for yourself so that you find one that is right for you. You will find them in the reference section of a library or book store, next to the dictionaries.