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Part III. Digging the Dictionary > Chapter 12. Using the Dictionary Less and En... - Pg. 18

18 Chapter 12. Using the Dictionary Less and Enjoying It More Each time you open your dictionary, grab a new word and make it your own. Repeat it, spell it, try it on your mother-in-law. Soon you will know many new words and you will not have to refer to your dictionary as often. When you do, however, you will enjoy the chance to learn new words and gain more insight into words you already know. To help you use the dictionary less, you should know how it is organized. All entries (words) are arranged in alphabetical order. You can find entries quickly by using the guide words printed at the top of each page. The guide word on the left is the first word on that page; the guide word on the right is the last word on that page. By looking at the guide words, you decide if the word you want comes between these two words in the alphabet. For example, you would find the word plain on a page that had place and planet as the guide words, because plain comes after place and before planet. However, if you were looking for plant you would have to turn to the next