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Part III. Digging the Dictionary > Chapter 11. What's in a Dictionary? - Pg. 16

16 Chapter 11. What's in a Dictionary? dic·tio·nary \ n: a reference book containing a selection of words usually listed in alpha- betical order, with information about their meanings, pronunciations, and histories. If you plan to learn new words, you will want to become friends with your dictionary. It is the most useful word book you can own. It tells you what a word means and how many different meanings it has. You can check spelling, pronunciation and parts of speech. You will learn where to break (hyphenate) a word when you have too little right margin to complete the word on the same line. It tells you what words are capitalized, how they are used, their histories and what other words have the same meanings (synonyms) or opposite meanings (antonyms). Depending on the size (and weight) of your dictionary, it may tell you much more. What Dictionary Should You Use?