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Part II. Where did all those Words come ... > Chapter 6. It's All in the Family - Pg. 9

9 Chapter 6. It's All in the Family In this section you will discover the roots of the English language. To understand where our language came from is to understand more of ourselves. Every day the forces of language shape our rela- tionships and our work. We live in a multicultural society, where language is sometimes a barrier. It does not have to be so. Most of us share a strong common bond, rooted in the Indo-European family of languages. Knowledge of our shared linguistic history creates the possibility of a broader point of view. A broader view creates tolerance, and tolerance opens the door to acceptance. Ac- ceptance brings peace. English is one of 1500 languages spoken by the 5 billion people on the planet Earth. One-half billion people speak English, although they may sometimes have difficulty understanding each other. Ac- cents, dialects, tonal changes and occupations cause great differences, even within one language. Therefore, people from Atlanta, Georgia, may not easily be able to understand people from Cork, Ireland, or Auckland, New Zealand. Nearly half of the world's population speaks one of the Indo-European group of languages. The English language came from this "parent" language spoken in Northern Europe about 5000 years