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Part I. A Word to the Wise > Chapter 2. Controlling Your Destiny - Pg. 3

3 Chapter 2. Controlling Your Destiny Primitive humans believed that if they knew the name of an object they could control it. Although we know that is not true, we do know that to possess a useful vocabulary is to control our own destiny. We relate to others with words. We express our thoughts and emotions with words. We convince, amuse and build trust with words. Words, and the way we use them, show age, income, where we grew up and how much we know. Words are tools. Imagine trying to pound a nail into a fence without a hammer. Imagine asking for a raise with a second-grade vocabulary. The right words give us control of our lives. We live in a world of words. School textbooks and lectures expose us to hundreds of new words. Entering the business world forces us constantly to absorb new vocabulary and special terms (jar- gon). Job changes, even from one department to another, require that you learn more new words. Today, a limited vocabulary equals a limited chance for success. Most people stop learning and using new words by the age of twenty-five. However, successful people have a common trait. They have an in-depth knowledge of word meanings. They know how to use words correctly, and they continue to learn new words throughout their lives.