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Getting Rid of Get > Exercise #6 for Practice - Pg. 104

Odd Words 104 Getting Rid of Get Get is probably the most overused verb in the English language. Of course it is also useful, especially in idiomatic language such as "getting by," "getting ahead," or "getting around." In these phrases it is useful and adds color and energy to language. However, get is usually a symptom of laziness, and a better word is likely to be lurking nearby. Instead of saying "Please get a chair," say "Please bring a chair." In formal English and in writing, avoid get when possible. When you do use get, be sure to say get rather than git . Exercise #6 for Practice Rewrite the following sentences, substituting a more descriptive verb for the word get. Check your answers at the end of the section. 1.1. They cannot get the parts to us next week. ___________________________________________ They can't send the parts to us until next week. 1.2. Augusta gets $500 a week in commissions. ___________________________________________ Augusta earns $500 a week in commissions. 1.3. Can we get them to meet our deadline? ___________________________________________ Can we persuade them to meet our deadline? 1.4. If you want to get rich, work hard.