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Definitions > Exercise #9 for Practice - Pg. 24

24 Chapter 13. Finding Gold in the Dictionary Now you can find "gold" in your dictionary. (It is between the guide words goggle-eyed and gold miner in the newest Webster's College Dictionary.) You may want to know what other treasures of information your dictionary provides. It provides far more than an alphabetized list of words. First, the front pages tell you how to use your dictionary. Then it directs you to such useful information as pronunciations of common foreign words and phrases; population figures; lists of signs and symbols and what they represent; information about famous people; and geographical information. The most important part of the dictionary is its word entries. Word entries are the individual words your dic- tionary defines, in alphabetical order. In the remainder of this chapter you will learn the wealth of information you will find with each word entry. By working through the practice exercises you will increase your skills at digging out such important information as: · · · · Definitions Spelling Number of syllables (syllabication) Pronunciation