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Chapter 40. Odd Words > Vary Very - Pg. 103

Odd Words 103 Daffynition Lining A bright flash of light We ran for cover when we heard the thunder and saw the lining. Vary Very Avoid the word very. It seldom adds meaning, and you can usually find a better adjective. A very big building is massive, towering, or grand. A very active child is more accurately lively or curious; very lazy is indolent, and very sure is positive. Exercise #5 for Practice In the following phrases, eliminate the word very and find two to express each phrase. Use your thesaurus if necessary. Check answers at the end of the section. 1.1. Very rich ________________ or __________________ wealthy or affluent; 1.2. Very poor ________________ or __________________ broke or penniless; 1.3. Very tired ________________ or __________________ exhausted or weary; 1.4. Very unusual ________________ or __________________ unique or outstanding; 1.5. Very neat ________________ or __________________ tidy or orderly