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Chapter 34. Idioms > Practicing Idioms - Pg. 90

90 Chapter 34. Idioms In English, we hear and use idioms often. Whenever you hear a phrase whose meaning you cannot understand, even if you know the meaning of each separate word, you have probably run into an idiom. Examples of idioms include: run into (encounter; meet); fly off the handle (become angry). We cannot ignore idioms because the English language contains thousands of them. Instead we should learn to understand them and use them easily. Idioms, along with slang, are considered part of everyday informal speech that is understood by most Americans, regardless of their education. Twenty of the most common idioms and their defi- nitions are listed below. A practice exercise follows. Idiom 1. 2. 3. 4. tighten your belt on pins and needles an arm and a leg in a pinch Definition economize, spend less money nervous or excited a large amount of money when nothing else is available