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Chapter 32. Lazy Lips > Syllables and Endings - Pg. 88

Lazy Lips as yet at all watch them Would have going to had to instead of some more to go to hear don't you need to forget it got it give her get him give me kept it made of put them ought to saw her should have want to get you won't you what did you do how are you can't you 88 Syllables and Endings The most important part of clear pronunciation is saying endings clearly. To pronounce final sounds distinctly, sound the final ng in words ending in -ing: thinking, helping; not thinkin' or helpin' . Pro- nounce the final letters of words ending in consonants: would, not won'; and sound the voiced syllables within words: probably, not prolly. Say This enjoyiNG trippiNG worlD righT builD, builT inspecT drafT recommenD amounT Not This enjoyin' trippin' worl' righ' buil' inspec' draf recommen' amoun'