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Chapter 32. Lazy Lips > Exercise #1 for Practice - Pg. 87

87 Chapter 32. Lazy Lips Good speech is distinct. To speak clearly, remember the acronym LOMM-Large, Open, Moving Mouth. Motorize your jaw, engage your lips and ENUNCIATE. To practice separating words, write out what you think the following run-together sentences mean, then check the end of the section. Exercise #1 for Practice RUNTOGETHERSENTENCES 1.1. Dyaevr seeim? ________ Do you ever see him? 1.2. Howvyabin? _________ How have you been? 1.3. Dyunnerstan? _________ Do you understand? 1.4. Whachadoon? _________ What are you doing? 1.5. I toljuhthousantimz. _________ I told you a thousand times. 1.6. I heardjuh. _________ I heard you. 1.7. Jeetchet? _________ Did you eat yet? 1.8. I roetchalassmunt. _________ I wrote to you last month. 1.9. Woodjagimmesom? _________ Would you give me some? 1.10. Jawannadans? _________ Do you want to dance? Banishing Friction from Your Diction The following words are often run together. Using LOMM, pronounce each word in the phrase slowly and distinctly until you can say it clearly. These exercises are especially useful if you use the tele- phone regularly, as you must speak more clearly in telephone communication. and then an hour have to idea of for her for them let me see might have was he would have