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Chapter 28. Fifth Group: 41. Ruse--50. Z... > Exercise #13 for Practice - Pg. 77

Fifth Group: 41. Ruse--50. Zenith [Latin tacitus, silent; from tacere, to be silent] 77 Definition Implied or inferred; not spoken. When the CEO returned my proposal without comment, I took this as tacit approval of my plan. Teenagers share a tacit understanding of a vocabulary that eludes most adults. Synonyms: understood, implicit, wordless, unexpressed Antonyms: explicit, expressed, specific, defined 47. thwart (thwaart) verb [Old Norse thverr, thvert, lying across] Definition To block or frustrate a plan. Too much television can thwart children's interest in reading. My plans to work late were thwarted by my son, who needed the car to go to football practice. Synonyms: defeat, disappoint, frustrate, nip in the bud Antonyms: help, promote, aid, advance 48. usurp (yoo SURF) verb [Latin usurpare, to take possession of without legal claim; from usu, by use + rapere, to seize] Definition To seize and hold a position of power without the legal right to do so. John tried to usurp the crown while his brother, King Richard, was away fighting for England. The owner's scheming grandson usurped the position of manager in our department. Synonyms: encroach, infringe, appropriate, assume, take command 49. vie (vye) verb [Old French envier, to challenge; from Latin invitare, to invite] Definition To strive in competition or rivalry with another; to compete. This year our department is sending a novice team to vie for the volleyball championship against ten other