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Chapter 27. Fourth Group: 31. Irony--40.... > Exercise #12 for Practice - Pg. 74

Fourth Group: 31. Irony--40. Rescind 74 Read the following statements, then pick the word that comes to mind. Circle your answer, then check your answers at the end of the section. 1.1. To calm a child's fears of the dark, (rescind, quell, raze) quell; 1.2. To lie to a jury. (perjure, irony, rescind) perjure; 1.3. A dentist with bad teeth telling you to have regular checkups, (novice, perjure, irony) irony; 1.4. Someone who is introduced to a computer for the first time, (novice, lucid, paradox) novice; 1.5. To change your mind and cancel an order, (prolific, premise, rescind) rescind; 1.6. Thinking clearly. (irony, lucid, paradox) lucid;