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Chapter 26. Third Group: 21. Docile--30.... > Exercise #9 for Practice - Pg. 70

Third Group: 21. Docile--30. Inherent 70 (a) heinous (b) chronic (c) benign (d) abject (e) candid a; 1.8. Professor Harrison's childhood in India gave him an _____ knowledge of the people's language and customs. (a) abject (b) askew (c) ethical (d) adverse (e) inherent e; 1.9. Our work team split up when we reached an _____ regarding the division of job responsibilities. (a) aggregate (b) exploit (c) impasse (d) adverse (e) eminent c; 1.10. The author spoke with great authority about his experiences in Russia during the breakup of the republic, (a) gullible (b) avid (c) docile (d) eminent (e) heinous d Exercise #9 for Practice How Are They Related? For each vocabulary word below, decide whether the word opposite it in the second column is similar (S) in meaning, opposite (O) in meaning, or unrelated (U) in meaning. Check Your answers at the end of the section. 1.1. 1. __________ docile obedient