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Exercise #5 for Practice > Exercise #5 for Practice - Pg. 64

Second Group: 11. Boycott--20. Discourse 64 Choose the sentence (a, b, or c) that comes closest to describing each of the following situations. Check your answers at the end of the section. 1.1. Consumers occasionally boycott supermarkets when they are displeased with their products. · a. Supermarkets take revenge on customers by locking their doors. · b. Consumers join together and refuse to buy products they do not like from the supermarket. · c. Products should meet customers' needs. b; 1.2. Jemimah cajoled her way into the concert by flirting with the gate attendant. · a. The gate attendant thought Jemimah was cool. · b. Jemimah flattered the gate attendant in order to see the concert for free. · c. The concert was a special event and Jemimah had to find some way to attend. b; 1.3. Our manager, Frank Lee, speaks in such a candid manner that we always know exactly what he expects from us. · a. Our manager tells us everything we need to know in an open, sincere style. · b. Frank Lee trusts us. · c. We must choose whether or not we should believe our manager. a; 1.4. The department secretary was a chronic complainer, which made working conditions difficult for the entire staff. · a. The secretary played "devil's advocate" for the staff. · b. The secretary hardly ever complained.