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Chapter 24. First Group: 1. Abject--10. ... > Exercise #3 for Practice - Pg. 59

First Group: 1. Abject--10. Benign 59 1.4. Mordecai's _______ _ poverty left him without hope for observer of business trends in Europe himself or his family. abject; 1.5. Vitashot Corporation hopes to _________ its insurance program to include dental coverage for all employees. augment; 1.6. Theophilus prefers not to fly in small planes in _________ weather. adverse; 1.7. Ryan is such an __________ reader that he checks out three books a week from the library. avid; 1.8. Bethany may ___________ that Roscoe cheated on his exam, but she cannot prove it. allege; 1.9. When you ___________ to my musical ability, please wipe the smile from your face. allude; 1.10. Alexander has a ___________ smile and a pleasing personality to match. benign Exercise #3 for Practice Odds Out Each number below is followed by four words. Three of them are related in meaning. Cross out the word that does not fit with the others. Check your answers at the end of the section. 1. abject worthless miserable dishonest dishonest; 2. unfavorable opposite adverse useful useful; 3. cluster trend aggregate sum total trend; 4. forfeit imply allege suggest forfeit; 5. allude avoid refer hint avoid; 6. crooked awry awesome askew awesome; 7. acute astute perceptive stoic stoic; 8. augment increase enlarge endorse endorse; 9. inept eager greedy avid inept; 10. good benign robust kind