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Chapter 24. First Group: 1. Abject--10. ... > Exercise #2 for Practice - Pg. 58

First Group: 1. Abject--10. Benign The neighbor's dog had a benign face and a nasty temper. A benign tumor is not malignant. 58 Synonyms: benevolent, favorable, helpful, loving Antonyms: mean, wicked, bad, evil, malevolent, pernicious, injurious Now that you have reviewed the first ten words, take a few minutes to build your vocabulary muscles by completing the following exercises. They will help you retain what you have learned. Work care- fully with the intention of strengthening your recognition and your ability to use each word correctly. You can easily incorporate these words into your vocabulary by giving these exercises a thorough workout. Then keep your word skills in top condition through regular mental exercise. Exercise #1 for Practice Quick Check 1.1. each word in the first column with its definition in the second column. Check your answers at the end of the section. 1. _______________ abject 2. _______________ adverse 3. _______________ aggregate 4. _______________ allege 5. _______________ allude 6. _______________ askew 7. _______________ astute a. refer b. unfavorable c. claim d. aware e. enlarge f. eager g. miserable