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Chapter 20. Suffixes > Noun Suffixes - Pg. 46

46 Chapter 20. Suffixes Suffixes come at the end of a word. They are not as important as prefixes and roots, but they serve as tags to change words from one part of speech to another. You will benefit from studying suffixes because they help to resolve annoying spelling problems. And they are a good review of grammar terms and uses. Suffixes provide flexibility because you can use them to change a word from a noun to a verb, or vice versa, as in apology (noun) to apologize (verb), or depend (verb) to dependent (noun). When you change a word from one part of speech to another, endings will not always be neat and clear. The same suffix may have different spellings: descendent and reliant. Do not let such foibles bother you. Let the word-gurus worry about them. Instead, spend your time learning the suffixes that you need in order to improve your vocabulary skills. Start with the most interesting word endings and enjoy the process. Noun Suffixes