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Chapter 19. Common Prefixes > Exercise #7 for Practice - Pg. 45

Common Prefixes 1.5. a. adbolish __________ b. abolish __________ b 45 Exercise #7 for Practice Refix the Prefix In each of the sentences below, choose the correct word from the list and write it in the blank space. Check your answers at the end of the section. Example: People who think that a war is wrong may protest against it. submarine postponed concert misplaced homogenized abject disagree repeat international transmit protest 1.1. If you do not agree with your manager, you should agree to ______________ disagree; 1.2. When someone does not hear you the first time, you must __________ what you said. repeat; 1.3. Milk is __________ when the cream and skim are mixed together. homogenized; 1.4. Trade between two nations is called __________ trade.