Finding Gold in the Dictionary _____________________________________________________ grain: any small, hard particle such as sand, gold, pepper, or gunpowder. 1.3. If you apply a walnut stain to the desk, the grain will show more clearly. _____________________________________________________ 25 grain: the arrangement or direction of fibers in wood, meat, etc., or the resulting pattern. 1.4. Hosea's babbling was so confusing he did not make a grain of sense. _____________________________________________________ grain: the smallest possible amount of anything. 1.5. Each tablet contained 5 grains of sedative. _____________________________________________________ grain: the smallest unit of weight in the U.S. and British system-- equal to 0.002285 ounces. 1.6. Henry worked his way through college by pitching hay during the summers. _____________________________________________________ pitch: to throw or toss. 1.7. Trudy had always wanted a house with a pitched roof. _____________________________________________________ pitch: to set or build with a downward slope. 1.8. When the storm approached we decided to pitch our tents in a sheltered cove. _____________________________________________________ pitch: to erect or set up (a tent, a camp, or the like).