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Chapter 13. Finding Gold in the Dictionary > History (Etymology) - Pg. 29

Finding Gold in the Dictionary 29 Many words can be more than one part of speech. For instance, speed can be used as a noun: Our speed increased rapidly, as a verb: Don't speed or you will get a ticket; or as an adjective: The speed limit is 35 m.p.h. Different dictionaries handle parts of speech in different ways. Sometimes they provide a separate entry for each part of speech. Sometimes the word has one entry and its various parts of speech and its meanings are all listed after that one entry. Exercise #12 for Practice Look up the following words in your dictionary. Indicate what parts of speech each word can be. Write the abbreviations in the spaces provided. Your dictionary may show more than one entry for the word, depending on the system it uses. Example: direct v.t., v.i., adj. 1.1. front ______________________________ front: n.., adj., v., interj.].', 1.2. motion ______________________________ motion: n.., v.', 1.3. promise ______________________________ promise: n.., v.t., v.i.; 1.4. face ______________________________ face: n.., v.t., v.i.', 1.5. horn ______________________________ horn: n.., v., adj.