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Chapter 12. Using the Dictionary Less an... > Exercise #8 for Practice - Pg. 22

Using the Dictionary Less and Enjoying It More social; 1.15. ________________ socialize; 1.16. ________________ where; 1.17. ________________ whimper; 1.18. ________________ wig; 1.19. ________________ wiggle; 1.20. ________________ wimp 22 In the next exercise you will be working with guide words. These are the words printed at the top of each page in the dictionary that tell you the first and last words on that page. Exercise #8 for Practice In this exercise you will see a pair of guide words on the left and a list of words on the right. First, underline the words on the list at the right that would appear on a page in the dictionary that has as its guide words the two words listed on the left. Next, list the correct words in alphabetical order in the spaces below the guide words. (NOTE: Six spaces are provided for each set of guide words.