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Chapter 8. Developing Your Ideas > Sample Feasibility Study

Sample Feasibility Study

Now, we will look at the follow-up to this problem-solution report. This time we will conduct a feasibility study. Cheryl Babcock’s assignment is to study the feasibility of starting regular meetings between sales associates and buyers. She will use Gary Pence’s problem-solution report as a starting point. Her format follows the feasibility study headings suggested on page 26.


TO: Stewart Jensen, CEO

FROM: Cheryl Babcock

DATE: November 18, 19XX

RE: Studying the Feasibility of Establishing Regular Meetings Between Sales Associates and Buyers


At your request, my staff and I have concluded our study of the feasibility of our sales associates and buyers meeting regularly. In our meeting last month, we all agreed with Gary that lack of communication has contributed to the decline of sales.

The primary purpose of this study is to explore the logistics of establishing the meetings. To do this, we’ve included a description of the details of our project, drawn conclusions to our findings, and offered recommendations for implementing the meetings.


According to our financial statement, our sales dropped 14% last quarter—and our accounting department reports another decline so far this quarter. Gary reports that a communication breakdown between sales associates and buyers has contributed to the decline. From his experience as a sales associate, he states that most sales associates do not know their buyers, and those who do feel intimidated by and do not communicate with the buyers.

The problems created by this lack of communication lead to the buyers not receiving the information they need from the sales associates to purchase the merchandise that the customers want.



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