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Chapter 11. Long Documents > Document 11: Abstract

Document 11: Abstract

Central Wyoming Bank has expanded its services greatly over the past two years. To meet the growing demands for recording and analyzing data, the Document Design Department developed a number of new software programs.

Since these programs require user’s manuals for their operation, it is appropriate that Central Wyoming Bank founded its first technical writing division, the Document Design Department. With a staff of four full-time technical writers, the Department will be able to produce the kind of quality user’s manuals which will assure that our customers are served well and that our data maintain their integrity.

The following document delineates a set of company standards developed by the Document Design Department. Since the Department will coordinate the development of all user’s manuals, it is important that individual software documentation developed by various divisions within the Central Wyoming Bank system be written according to uniform standards.

Four areas of document design are presented:

Writing Requirements: This section specifies techniques for creating a successful user’s manual.

Content Standards: This section specifies the organizational plan of all Central Wyoming Bank user’s manuals.

Revision Standards: This section specifies the procedure for creating and updating manuals.

Production Standards: This section specifies publication standards for creating user’s manuals.

Graphic Standards: This section specifies the design standards for user’s manuals.

With a goal of uniformity in the planning, production, and revision of user’s manuals, the following standards will help Central Wyoming Bank employees perform their jobs with reliability and accuracy.



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