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Chapter 9. Laughter May Be the Best Medicine > Keeping Your Humor Perspective

Keeping Your Humor Perspective

Perspective is vital. Sometimes it takes more than one statement to build the effect. This abbreviated letter from a student to her parents helps hammer home the point of keeping things in perspective better than any explanation could.

Dear Mom and Dad:

I’m sorry for not writing, but hope you will understand. First, sit down before you read further.

I’m doing much better now after recovering from the concussion I received jumping from my dorm window when it caught fire last month. I can almost see normally thanks to the loving care of Norman, the janitor who pulled me from the flames. He more than saved me; he’s become my whole life. I have been living with him since the fire. We are planning on getting married. We haven’t got a date yet, but plan to have one soon, before my pregnancy shows.

Yes, I’m pregnant. I know you would be excited for me, knowing how much you want to be grandparents. We’d be married now, if it weren’t for Norman’s infection that prevented him passing the premarital blood test. I caught it from him, but the doctors are positive it won’t affect the child.

Although not well-educated, I know your often-expressed tolerance will make it easy for you to accept Norm.

Your loving daughter


P.S. There was no fire. I have no concussion. I’m not pregnant, and there is no Norman. However, I’m getting an “F” in Biology and wanted you to see that grade in its proper perspective.



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