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Chapter 6. Support Make Your Case > Developing Support Material

Developing Support Material

Support material doesn't materialize out of thin air. Business presenters and public speakers develop such material from three basic sources.

  1. Studies and Analyses. Statistical data in particular are developed during efforts undertaken prior to the presentation, and those studies, analyses, and investigations may be key parts of the presentation.

  2. Specific Research. A presenter may need to conduct a literature search to locate material to support a topic. A wealth of written and oral communication about any subject can be readily accessed using computer search methods or searching manually through the many reference systems found in public, educational, and corporate libraries. Identifying journals or digests pertinent to the presenter's general area of interest can be of value when the need arises to conduct a literature search.

  3. Ongoing Accumulation. Here are some suggestions for accumulating and organizing material so that it will be of best use to you when needed.

    • Identify topics of relevance. If you start accumulating material on all topics, you'll soon be driven out of the house by paper.

    • Transcribe key material into a database or onto cards. Even if noting only a single anecdote, quotation, statistic, idea, or personal reaction, this will record and make retrievable at least a part of many articles, which typically will soon find their way into a stack of unread or hard-to-find articles. By noting the source, you can easily go back to the full document if needed.

    • Create separate files for the various topics.

    • Carry a small notebook of 3 × 5 cards. You will find a rich source of material in the experiences, observations, and thoughts that are part of your everyday business or personal life.

    • If you intend to use it for publication, document the source information completely. You may not be able to use it if the source is not specified adequately, or you may find yourself spending valuable time searching for the missing information.



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